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Gooseberry is another small fruit that is a traditional part of Slovak gardens. Spatially and soil-wise it is an undemanding species. The small berry is known for its characteristic taste. It loses popularity points only if it is prickled by its pricklers, otherwise it provides its grower with a harvest of tasty and vitamin-rich fruits. They do not require much care, although relighting the crown in the third year after planting and supervising regular watering increases the plant's vigour and fertility. Gooseberries should be planted in sunny or semi-shaded positions. Slightly acid soil is preferable, although not a requirement for many varieties. Gooseberry bushes are hardy and fully adapted to the conditions in our gardens. 

Variants in the form of a tree - gooseberry on a stalk - are also popular among gardeners. The fruiting part of the plant is grafted higher up. Attractive heads full of life and fruit can thus be more accessible and clear for harvesting without much stooping, but they also have advantages when mowing. They can also be attractive to the discerning grower who is concerned with appearance. 

Gooseberries are considered to be an undervalued source of many health benefits. It contains pectins, potassium, silicon, vitamins C, E, B1 to B6, as well as many other minerals. The fresh fruit contributes to proper digestion, is included in various detoxifying recipes, strengthens blood vessels and also contributes to healthy nail and hair growth. The gooseberry fruit is also attributed with many other properties and provides various valuable substances to each generation of gardeners and family members. The fruit, like other small berries from the garden, has a wide range of uses. However, they are most valuable when raw or dried and frozen. The fruits are less well tolerated when pickled, when they lose their colour and consistency. 

By choosing gooseberries from our range, you will get a quality plant in a container that will be delivered to the customer's home by courier. They can be planted at any time during spring, summer or autumn. You can choose from shrubs as well as trees on a stalk. 

Model: Grossularia uva-crispa 12
The variety of gooseberry Siewiernyj Kapitan was bred in RuskIt is undemanding to cultivation, is drought- and frost-resistant.The growth is strong and erect, has numerous strong shoot, almost without thorns. In ideal conditions it grows to 1.5m. The fruits are large, oval-shaped and reddish-pu..
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