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Apricot Trees

Model: Prunus armeniaca 12
Apricot Early Orange originates from Canada. This apricot variety is considered an early, partially self-pollinating type. Early Orange is known for its high-quality taste.The Early Orange apricot tree is a moderately vigorous grower, reaching an average height of 3 to 4 meters. It is a suitable siz..
Model: Prunus armeniaca 11
Apricot Goldrich originates from the USA and was developed by crossing the Sunglo and Perfection varieties. This apricot is considered a self-pollinating variety, meaning it can produce fruit without the need for cross-pollination.The Goldrich apricot tree is of medium vigor and reaches an average h..
Model: Prunus armeniaca 10
Apricot HARCOT originates from Canada. This apricot variety is classified as an early cultivar and has gained popularity for its excellent taste and quality of fruits. It is one of the cultivars of Canadian apricots known for its sweetness, aroma, and attractive appearance.The HARCOT apricot tree is..
Model: Prunus armeniaca 14
The HARGRAND apricot originates from Canada. It is a high-quality apricot variety with large fruits that ripen moderately early. It has a high fruit set and regular yields.The HARGRAND apricot tree is medium to strong in vigour, with a spreading, drooping crown. It blooms in spring, typically in Apr..
Model: Prunus armeniaca 13
The Harlayne apricot originates from Canada. It is a high-quality apricot variety that is highly resistant to frost and pests. It is suitable for cultivation in marginal areas.The Harlayne apricot tree grows vigorously and has a well-branched crown.The Harlayne apricot blooms in spring, usually in A..
Brand: Tutifruti Model: Prunus armeniaca 3
This interesting variety of apricot is suitable for small gardens due to its narrow, compact shape. This shape needs to be maintained by pruning. This variety of apricot is self-pollinating .  The tree grows moderately vigorously and is also suitable for growing in containers. It is self-p..
Brand: Tutifruti Model: Prunus persica 5
The Honey Peach variety "HONEYSUN" is a cross between a peach and an apricot. This new fruit variety offers a fresh and amazing taste experience for fruit enthusiasts. Prunus persica "HONEYSUN" combines all the benefits of both peaches and apricots.The tree grows compactly, reaching a mature height..
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