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Hybrid Plum GEK

Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Hybrid Plum GEK
Height at sale 130-160cm
Pot 5l
Rootstock Saint Julien A
Sell as 2 year old

  •  In our area, a lesser known hybrid of myrobalan/Japanese plum/ussurian plum/Chinese plum, GEK. It is a new variety, bred in Russia. It is suitable for gardeners in peripheral areas where classic plums are not so successful. It is valued for its tasty fruit and high resistance to plum diseases and high hardiness.
  • It is medium in stature, has a moderately dense crown and is spherical in shape.
  • The hybrid plum variety GEK is alien-pollinated, suitable pollinators are other hybrid plum varieties. The flowers are resistant to light frost.
  • The fruits are medium sized, round, about 35g. The colour is yellow at full maturity with an orange cheek.. The fruits have a firm skin with a fine waxy coating. They are suitable for direct consumption or processing, they do not lose quality when transported.
  • The taste is sweet and sour, juicy and aromatic. The skin is partially separable from the flesh.
  • It ripens from mid-July onwards.
  • It likes permeable, fertile soil. Adequate watering is recommended during the period of fruit formation. The trees can be planted all year round, they have a fully developed root system, thus increasing the onset of full fruiting.
  • It is also suitable for marginal areas because of its late flowering. It is undemanding to cultivate and likes a sunny position.
  • It has a high resistance to diseases and viruses.  It is suitable for organic cultivation without the use of sprays.

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