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12 Apr Trees and plants in a container: why buy container (in a pot) and the advantages
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Buying plants in containers, or if you prefer, colloquially in pots, has several advantages. All the more so if the plants in question are those that ..
15 Mar Zimolez-Haskap (Lonicera caerulea): an unpretentious Honeysuckle-Haskap blueberry that will delight you repeatedly
admin 0 15053
Groundsel (lonicera caelurea), is otherwise known as Kamchatka blueberry. We still consider it a kind of exotic crop. It is not quite a common and tra..
15 Mar The large-fruited dogwood and its tasty fruit: an unpretentious tree with a high yield
admin 0 671
The dogwood is an underrated fruit tree that can surprise with its yield, despite its unpretentiousness. The dogwood is a long-lived tree, so it can p..
15 Mar Hardy apple trees are the solution to weather vagaries, frosts and disease
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There are a number of factors that add wrinkles to our foreheads when growing fruit trees. The vagaries of the weather, early spring frosts and the as..
18 Jan These hardy container plums produce a harvest that saves time and money
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Plums are among the most popular and productive fruit trees due to the volume of their crown. The fruits themselves provide a number of uses. At the s..
18 Jan Almond tree: growing almonds and fantastic late flowering varieties
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The almond, or almond tree, has surprisingly close relatives among peaches, or plums and cherries. Together they bear the name of the genus Prunus. Ho..
18 Jan Large and capable healthy blueberries: be sure to reach for these varieties
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Blueberries have been a hit in our gardens for the last few years. Their taste is popular, they have versatile uses, health benefits, vitamins, antiox..
18 Jan Choosing cherries for your garden? Try these hardy varieties
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Cherry trees are a wonderful addition to the garden. Refreshing straight from the tree, they can be included in fruit juices, cocktails, dessert garni..
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