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Raspberry bushes, are one of the most unpretentious and popular plants in our gardens. Despite this, the fruits of the raspberry bush - raspberries in their raw state are less commercially available. The small garden fruit has been obtained from the wild since time immemorial and, thanks to breeders since the 16th century, we have also known it in the form of various cultivars. The June (bearing once a year) or remontant raspberries (bearing twice, until the first frosts) are mainly represented by red fruits, although yellow and black varieties are also known. The raspberry tree has excellent characteristics for growing in our geographical conditions - it is frost-resistant and mostly resistant to various pests.  

With relatively little effort, they produce a crop of sweet fruits that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Because of their fibre content, they have a beneficial effect on digestion, blood pressure and, according to research over the last decade, their polyphenol content may contribute to reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease. They are excellent for direct consumption, but equally suitable for all-round processing. Raspberry jams, marmalades, compotes, marc, as an ingredient in cocktails, syrups, mixes, ice cream, as for making cakes and fruit spirits. 

By choosing raspberries in our offer, you will get a quality plant in a container, which will be delivered to the customer's home by a courier. They can be planted at any time during spring, summer or autumn. 

Brand: Tutifruti Model: Rubus x tayberry 1
An excellent raspberry-blackberry variety, Buckingham Tayberry is a compromise between raspberry and blackberry. It is a thornless blackberry variety, so it is easy to pick.The plant grows vigorously , the growth is upright and needs support.The fruits are large and sweet with an oblong shape, dark ..
Model: Rubus idaeus 6
The first remontant raspberry Sugana Lubera is an excellent raspberry variety with an excellent taste that is suitable for home growers. The plant has healthy shoots , up to 180cm high. It grows vigorously, upright. It has fine thorns. It has two equivalent yields.It produces two crops a year, ..
Model: Rubus idaeus 11
Raspberry Bristol is an excellent variety of black raspberry , which is suitable for home growers and commercial cultivation. The plant has healthy shoots , up to 200cm high, grows compactly. The plant support is suitableIt fruits once a year in mid-July. Ripe fruits are harvested in 2-3 weeks...
Model: Rubus idaeus 22
The yellow everbearing Golden Queen variety of raspberry is suitable for home growers. The plant has healthy shoots , up to 150cm high. It grows strongly, upright. It has fine thorns. It fruits once a year on biennial shoots from June to autumn.The fruits are large, tasty, yellow-orange, s..
Model: Rubus idaeus 21
Raspberry POLANA is an excellent remontant variety of raspberry with an excellent taste, which is suitable for home growers, but also for commercial cultivation. The plant has healthy shoots , up to 150cm high. It grows vigorously, uniformly. It has fine thorns. The main harvest is on annual sh..
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