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Disease Resistant Table Grape Vines

Model: Vitis 21
The resistant grape variety "ALOSZENKIN" originates from Russia. It is a very early table grape variety popular for its high productivity and increased disease resistance.The plant of the "ALOSZENKIN" grape variety is strong and grows rapidly. It requires support when cultivated.The grape variety "..
Brand: Tutifruti Model: Vitis 4
The resistant grape variety "Swenson Red" originates from the USA. It is a table grape variety favored by gardeners for its interesting grape flavor. The color of the berries varies depending on the climate.The plant of the "Swenson Red" grape variety is moderately strong and grows quickly. It requ..
Model: Vitis 12
Pink table grape variety TEREZA. The advantages of this vine are large clusters with large sparse berries. Advantages are good hardiness and resistance to fungal diseases.The table grape variety TREZA grows vigorously, forming long healthy shoots. Therefore, support and appropriate pruning are neede..
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